Information on FX auction

The weighted average exchange rate of manat stood at 1.7000 at the FX auction initiated by the Central Bank with the participation of the State Oil Fund on 16 April 2019.  


Information on results of CBA deposit auction on attraction of funds

Demand at the deposit auction held by CBA on 15 April 2019 was AZN 336.1 M, with the 7.70% weighted average interest rate on deposit transactions.


Central Bank management meets with Mastercard representatives

12 March 2019, Baku: The Central Bank management met with the managers from the Mastercard Inc. The participants discussed actions taken to implement the ‘State Program on expansion of digital payment


On CBA deposit auction on attraction of funds

Date: 15 April 2019; Time: 11:00-11:15; Platform: Bloomberg trade system; Real-time auction data sending: 10:00; Type: hybrid auction; Amount: AZN 350 000 000 (three hundred fifty million); Term


Central Bank organizes anti-counterfeiting workshops

12 April 2019, Baku:  The Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan approved 2019 Training Program to boost the level of cash related services by credit institutions to individuals and legal entities